Now, you can improve the alignment and increase the longevity of your tablet press with Natoli’s turrets.

We make top-quality turrets for nearly every make and model of tablet press on the market today. And as always with Natoli, you can count on the turrets we produce to be a step above the rest.






Every Natoli Turret

  • Exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications
  • Are manufactured with hardened tool steel die tables to increase longevity and durability
  • Undergo our superior machining procedures to ensure better alignment between punch guides and die pockets

Our top-notch standard turrets feature:

  • Hardened steel die tables
  • Keyed upper punch guides
  • Lower punch retainer screws (except on B2 and DS3)
  • 3-piece die lock screw with stainless steel threaded end


You also have the option of


  • Hardened stainless steel die tables
  • Keyed lower punch guides


Natoli also refurbishes turrets of any size and specification. Can’t wait for it to be refurbished? We also sell refurbished parts at prices up to 50% less than the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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